How to apply to UCSC

If you are a foreign student and are interested in coming to UCSC for an exchange or an internship, you should complete the following steps:

1. If you study in one of UCSC`s partner institutions, contact your Study Abroad Office and ask about any internal porcesses that they may have. Otherwise, complete the UCSC`s application form with all of your personal information:

2. If you have any questions about the application form, you can contact us at

3. Along with the Application Form, students need to turn in the following documents:

  •  Current Transcript
  •  Letter or certificate confirming enrollment at home university
  •  Letter of Personal Statement
  •  Photocopy of Passport
  •  Letter of recomendation from your academic or study abroad coordinator (only for students from non-partner universities)

4. The application deadlines are:

First Semester (March to July): November 15th of the previous calendar year

Second Semester (August to December): April 15th of the same calendar year

5. If you are accepted for exchange at the UCSC, you will receive an acceptance letter. The DRI will send you the housing guide with the available homestays and residences if you choose to live in one of these options. You must send the DRI your housing preference form so we can coordinate your stay.

6. Before traveling to Chile, students need to send their flight information and their health insurance information to the UCSC.